OX - OpenXchange®

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Business Email powered by Open-Xchange, a reliable alternative to Microsoft Exchange® , stores your mail, calendar, and contacts in our "cloud" and uses push technology to keep everything in sync between your desktop email client, webmail, and smartphone. No matter your location, all your information is up-to-date and secure.

Push calendar

MyDomain Business Email keeps your calendar in sync across your desktop, webmail, and smartphone devices. Update your calendar on your mobile phone, and it's instantly updated on your Outlook® calendar. Add an appointment in Outlook® and your mobile phone is automatically updated.

Push Calendar Image

Use the calendar to:

  • Get reminder notifications
  • Send meeting requests and appointments and receive attendee confirmations
  • Set up company or team meetings
  • Create shared calendars
  • Search calendars by participant, group, keyword, and more
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Drag-and-drop simple

The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to add calendar appointments, share team meetings, and collaborate.

Push contacts

Using MyDomain Business Email contacts, you can access and sync all your contacts from anywhere. Say you meet with a client and enter their new contact information on your smartphone. MyDomain Business with Open-Xchange will automatically push that information to the cloud and update the address book on your PC and webmail. Messages you read will be marked as read. Folders you create or modify will also automatically sync. Your address book and contacts will always be up-to-date.

Use the contacts to:

  • Send e-mail to both internal and external contacts
  • Add custom fields and notes to each contact
  • Attach images (logos, photos) for each contact
  • Add related files to contact details
  • Mark contacts as private, public, and/or shared
  • Manage email distribution lists
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